Spine Endoscopic Surgery Barcelona



The ENDOSCOPIC SPINE COURSE is an advanced course focused on the improvement of surgical techniques in neurosurgery and spinal surgery and aims to raise the level of knowledge of Brazilian in Endoscopic Spine Surgery. The endoscopy is the most legitime M.I.S procedure to accomplish the maximization of surgery aim with less invasive injury. The spine endoscopic surgery cadaver lab training has the objective to demonstrate the endoscopic tool as a safe option in the management of spinal diseases.


This hands-on cadaver training will focus on the major currently available minimally invasive surgical techniques, including transforaminal and interlaminar approaches. Using a state-of-the-art facility, these techniques will be taught by the Brazil´s experts and one international invited. This Interventional Techniques course includes: two days hands on cadaver course and lecture.

The lectures will be given by outstanding surgeons Brazilians (neuro), in Portuguese languages, facilitating the communication of all. At the end of the event, participants will have the opportunity to review the spine’s surgical anatomy, discuss complex cases, surgical endoscopic techniques, indications and management of complications for various spine endoscopic surgery procedures. Perform surgical techniques on newly frozen specimens (Hands-on), under the guidance of specialists, using the latest technologies.


May 7 - 8,  2020

Director General

Óscar L. Alves, MD.



Márcio Ramalho, MD.


Marcos Serra, MD.


Carlos Drummond, MD.




  • Historical background of Full endoscopy​

  • Step by Step of Transforaminal and Interlaminar approaches

  • Video sections (Transforaminal and Interlaminar)

  • Case discussion: Disc herniation and Spinal stenosis



Activity 01 - Fluoroscopy Approaches

[ + ]

  1. Fluoroscopy

Activity 02 - Transforaminal Approaches

[ + ]

  1. Transforaminal

  2. End plates alignment

  3. Entry point

  4. Needle placement

  5. Guide wire

  6. Obturator introduction

  7. Working channel docking

  8. Individualization of bone elements and neural structures

  9. Annulus opening

  10. Nucleus pulposus extraction

Activity 03 - Interlaminar approaches

[ + ]

  1. Interlaminar

  2. End plates alignment

  3. Entry point

  4. Obturator introduction

  5. Working channel docking

  6. Yellow flavum opening

  7. Individualization of bone elements and neural structures

  8. Working channel spinal canal getting in

  9. Annulus opening

  10. Nucleus pulposus extraction



Faculty of Medicina - Campus Clínic August Pi i Sunyer, Casanova, 143. 08036 Barcelona



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